MoneyManager EX
Web App

Use on your portable device

Use on desktop via browser

Record transactions on the go ​

Upload transactions to desktop when you want 

Syncronised Account, Payee, and Category Names

Secure connectivity


This application compliments the desktop version of MoneyManger EX by providing you with access to a tool that allows you to record 'transactions-on-the-go'.

It's not ready yet but for now you can register your interest or request access to the trial program.

Simple Setup

Configuring the Web App to be used with MMEX is quite simple. Just a few simple steps to get you going...

Request access to the trial

Setup the integration

Initialise the application

Ready to go! Use the application

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to pay for this?

No, not while the trial is ongoing. Until the trial is complete we will cover all the hosting costs for this. Once it goes live we will review and may have to charge a minimal hosting fee but it will likely only be a few $.

Can I host this myself?

Of course, the underlying MMEX Web App is open source, you can find the software and details on how to setup and host yourself here. This site is providing the service for those that don't have the skills or time to do this.

Is this secure?

Where possible you should used https:// when connecting to the site to make sure all you communications are encrypted. The WebApp itself has NO access to your MMEX Desktop data other than taking a copy of the names of Accounts, Payees, and Categories (see 'How it works') such that they can be easily accessed from the Web App when adding transactions. When adding any transactions from the Web App to your database you will ALWAYS be presented with them and asked if you want to add.

What level of support is offered?

If you have any issues (or indeed suggestions for improvement) on how the Web App operates then please raise then here. Any other questions then drop us a mail.